Buying Local Just Got Easier!

Shop from over 100 local farms and producers, all from the convenience of your own home!  This is the freshest and most nutritious food option available, delivered every week, year round.  All of your staple food items are prepared and packaged just prior to you receiving it on Thursday.  For example, we're requesting from local vegetable producers that they harvest their sold orders on Thursday morning, for delivery later that day to the Montana Co-op members; your milk from Kalispell Kreamery is prepared on Wednesday, and eggs are always fresh off the farm.  Everything is as it should be... local, healthy, fresh, and affordable.

To make an order, you must first join the Montana Co-op.  This can be done through the website when you place your first order (click here).  There is a one time investment of $50 to be an equal owner (or you may select an annual fee of $20).  As an owner, you have an equal share with all other Montana Co-op members and you can sell anything you produce (some conditions apply).  To learn what a cooperative businesses can do to create positive changes in our communities, please click here.  

To receive your order, you can choose to either pick it up at your selected Food Hub in Polson or Ronan, or request home or business delivery (59860, 59864, 59855).  If you live outside of the Polson/Ronan area, we plan on serving you soon.  Our business model is designed to service the entire state.  Please join us in this shared business as a valued partner, pooling our skills and resources, and help us develop the Food Hub location in your community.  To learn more about this on-line food co-op business model that was started in Oklahoma eleven years ago: click here.  

The Montana Co-op is dedicated to help people eat healthier by giving easy access to tasty and nutritious food and meals.  We have many great food related projects going on and we need members that have time and energy to contribute their knowledge and skills.  If each Montana Co-op member offered a bit of time in an area that interests them, we will grow quickly; if we don't get input from members, our growth will be slow.  The potential success of our Co-op will be seen in several areas within our communities, especially in more local food production and processing, thus creating sustainable jobs in our food industry.  The Calgary Co-op is a great example of what can be achieved when the people support a local food co-op.  The Calgary Co-op distributes over $50 million back to their members each year and have 1700 store locations.  The Montana Co-op's healthy food brand is the Kids Co-op, as we empower our youth with their own business, specializing in growing and producing more local, healthy food.  After all, it's our youth that will be growing, preparing, and serving our food in the days ahead.  If you're interested in mentoring the youth and young adults in any particular food product or service, please contact us as we are gathering mentor information and partner organizations.

Presently, Montana is only producing 10% of the food we eat; 50 years ago we were producing 70%.  Millions of dollars are leaving our communities, and we know that whatever products we create and sell locally will be the healthiest food available.  To make this Co-op work, and to successfully change our food system, we need our members to engage in our combined efforts to create Food Democracy for Montana (video from U of M).

 How it Works (Buying):


A $50 life-time membership (or $20 annual) gives you an equal ownership of this local business dedicated to promoting "Buying Locally," "Healthful Products," and "Thriving Communities."  The $20 is added to your first on-line order.  If you select the life-time membership, we will charge the additional $30 after speaking with you.

2.  Our on-line 
MARKET is OPEN 7 days a week/24 hours a day, year round.  Every Monday at 1pm, the weekly order period ends, and the producers have 3 days to get their sold product to our main storage, sorting and handling site in Ronan (at Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center).  Customer orders are assembled on Thursday morning/mid-day and delivered fresh to customers on Thursday afternoon and evening.

3.  When ordering on-line, customers choose to either pick up at one of our Food Hubs or request home/business delivery.
If you are able to pick up your order in Ronan or Polson, please order today and visit us at your choice of Food Hubs on Thursday evening.  
Order before Monday (1pm) and receive on Thursday. 
If you meet the cutoff day/time (Monday 1pm), then your order will be ready on Thursday, 3 days after the Monday cut-off.  If you place your order after the cutoff, for example, Monday PM, your order will not be ready for this Thursday pick up, but the following Thursday.  If you missed the cut-off and you want to try and get an order in, email or call us and we will do our best to help you.  

4.  Product availability varies from week to week along with many new local producers.  Orders must be secured with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard).  If you don't have a credit card, please contact us and make a
rrangements to pay by cash or check on pick-up or delivery.  If you would like to use your EBT (SNAP) to pay for your Montana Co-op food purchase, please send us an email and we will let you know when this is set up (Phase 2).

Animals:  FarmPetsSupplies
Art:  BooksDecorationsPicturesPotteryWoodworkWool
Body:  BodyFaceFeetHairHealingMoisturizersOilsOutdoorSalvesSoaps
Food:  Bread (coming soon..), 
EggsButter/Milk/YogurtCheeseFruitHerbs & SpicesMeatVegetablesVegetables (frozen)Sauces and CondimentsPrepared FoodBeveragesNutritionBakingGift Baskets
Health:  Tea
, Supplements 
Gardening:  Plant FoodSeeds
Air FreshenersCleaningClothingFurnitureGamesKitchenLaundry
Kids Co-opBlue Moon HerbsSilent Thunder Buffalo Jerky

Help us add more products and categories, let us know what we're missing, and please join now!
*to learn about the only Montana formal trade network (We Trade) and how you can get involved, contact

5.  If you're looking for specific product that you can't find on our site, please email us ( and we will do our best to connect with a local producer that is making that product.  If you know of a producer that has not joined, please help us connect and expand our products.  

Pick-up your order on Thursday at your choice of Food Hub's or have it delivered to your home or business.
     Ronan:    Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center (407 Main St.; back door).  Pick-up Thursday from 4-6 pm.  

    Polson:    MT Co-op HUB: (401 Main St., Polson, MT 59860).  Pick-up Thursday from 4-7 pm . 406-319-2000

    *Other service areas throughout Montana coming soon... help us develop your community Food Hub by contacting us by email or phone.

More Questions? (
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How it Works (Selling): 
1.  Registering your farm or business is a two-step process.  First, click the “JOIN NOW” button in the top right corner.  Click “Submit" and the site will automatically send you a confirmation email; please check your "JUNK" folder if it's not in your in-box.

2.  The second step is to wait for the Montana Co-op to contact you by phone or email to guide you through getting your product on the site.  After this point of contact, you will have the ability to log-in as a producer and update your products, prices, pictures, view orders, and more.  This is meant to be a producer shared website that we all own and develop together.  The cross marketing effort will benefit every local producer.

3.  Customers order in weekly cycles.  
At the end of each cycle (Monday 1pm), producers will receive an email letting them know what products were sold.  

4.  Producers prepare sold orders and deliver to their closest Montana Co-op Food Hub on or before Thursday.  If you're a producer in Montana and your product is non-perishable, please send us an inventory that we will store and pull from as it's sold (consignment).  If your product is perishable, please deliver your sold product to Ronan (MMFEC - Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center; 407 Main St. Ronan, MT 59864).  Within three days after the weekly ordering period (Monday 1pm), producers must deliver their "SOLD" product to Ronan (i.e. on or before Thursday at noon).  
Local producer delivery options for sold product include:  
     a.  Physically drop off at Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center (MMFEC) in Ronan on Thursday or through appointment with a Montana Co-op representative.      
     b.  Store product with the Montana Co-op at MMFEC; when items are sold, we will pull from your inventory and you can refill your inventory as items get low.  We can store dry, frozen and refrigerated items, all in a USDA inspected and approved facility.
     c.   Send sold product by mail or courier immediately after cut-off (i.e. Tuesday) to arrive at MMFEC by Thursday.
     d.  Find another producer in your area that is driving to Ronan to drop their product and work out transportation sharing (i.e. you go this week, I'll go next week).
*Our second phase will provide more locations and communities where local producers may drop off sold product or inventory. 

5.  To see a list of potential products, go to our
home page and view the top navigation bar with product categories and subcategories.

6.  To see a list of current producers,
click here.

For more producer relative information including website training, click the producer log-in button at the top right corner of our website and choose from the documents (green links), click here

Learn the benefits of a Co-op and let's track our progress on how much money we can retain in our economy, how many jobs we can create, and how how we can get healthier as a community.  Please connect and help us grow together!