Join US at the Montana Co-op & Kids Co-op at 401 Main St., Polson, MT.

Tuesday & Thursday at 3:45pm. All ages. 

Aerial Silks, Aerial Sling and Aerial Hoop (Lyra) by Raven Summer, professional teacher and performer. 

Aerial arts is an excellent outlet for children's creativity, physical fitness and creative learning. Aerial Arts have been known to improve children's attention span, ability to focus, hand-eye coordination, and balance. It instills a certain level of work ethic, belief in themselves, the ability to trust others, accountability for their actions, and patience. Children learn self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. ​

$10/class. Youth may qualify for a scholarship.

For more information or to book an appointment call Raven Summer at 406-559-6011.

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A word from the Instructor:

Greetings! Raven Summer Sankey here! Aerial Instructor!
I have been an Aerialist for ten years now and teaching Aerial for 3 years, teaching Aerial Art to children is my passion! 
Around the world Aerial Art is taking off at an unparalleled pace, studios and schools are popping up in cities and country's! Venues are discovering the thrill of Aerial and amateurs are discovering the joys of Aerial training and practice! Made popular by Cirque De Sole, Aerial Arts include, most commonly Aerial Silks (looks like two pieces of fabric hung from the ceiling) also called Tissue, Aerial Fabric and sometimes Ribbon, Aerial Sling or Hammock, Aerial Hoop (Lyra), Aerial chains, Aerial cube, Trapeze, and Rope (corde lisse). There are many different Aerial Apparatus's and Aerialists are inventing new ones every day!
I work mainly with Aerial Silks, Aerial Hammock and the Aerial Hoop also called a Lyra. My Training began 10 years ago with a private coach. After battling postpartum depression I started taking private lessons to better my mental and physical heath. I trained with Russ Stark who had worked for Cirque de Sole as well as the Olympic Team and was the stunt double for Vin Diesel in the movie Chronicles of Riddick. I trained for 2 year before beginning my performing career. I have performed lots of live music Venues across Montana, such as "The Love Your Mother Earth Festival" 4 years in a row. I performed for "Pinky and The Floyd" an amazing Pink Floyd tribute band out of Bozmen as well as Missoula's First Night Featured Performer 2011.
My mission is to bring Aerial to children , because it has transformed my life immensely, mentally, physically and even spiritually. And because I see a need here on the reservation for healthy activity's and an outlet for children's creativity, physical fitness and creative learning. Aerial Arts have been known to improve children's attention span and ability to focus as well as hand eye coordination and balance. As well as work ethic, to believe in themselves, trust others, accountability for their actions, patience, to know that success does not come over night or in one practice! To lose with dignity as well as win and be humble, to accept temporary failures and know these failures aren't permanent! to accept rules and to be proud of themselves and team work! 
Teaching Aerial to children opens up their minds to a world of possibility's, empowering them to change the course of their lives by offering them the freedom of flight and giving them a chance to perform and tell their own stories. Aerial is a great way to learn about respect for nature and gravity, learning accountability thru safety in the air. Children who train in Aerial learn self confidence as well as a sense of accomplishment! 
Aerial training is all inclusive, this means anyone, any age can learn the basics of flight! Or experience Aerial low to the ground in Aerial sling or Hammock, it's a great way to relax or get away from the earths gravitational pull! Think swinging on a fluffy cloud, it can be a great way to de-stress or get your blood pumping and it's an awesome total body work out! I teach the health benefits of eating right and staying healthy so they can fly high and learn more complicated "tricks" in the air! 
I own all my own equipment and I am fully insured to teach.
I'm available for individual classes or join one of our current group classes:
Please feel free to contact me for questions or comments/concerns. My cell phone is #406 559 6011 my email